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FAQ postponement DMEA 2021 8 - 10 June 2021


General Information

Why is DMEA being postponed?

The coronavirus situation in Germany remains serious. This was reflected in the recent decision to extend the partial lockdown until January. Despite good progress being made with vaccines, it is impossible to say how quickly and to what extent they will noticeably help ease the situation, particularly with regard to the holding of large events such as DMEA.

For this reason and as a health and safety precaution for our exhibitors, visitors and partners, we have decided early to reschedule the upcoming DMEA, which will now be held from 08 to 10 June 2021. This also respects the wishes of the industry, which is currently fully occupied with containing the pandemic and treating patients.

In rescheduling the event for June we hope that we can take advantage of an anticipated decline in infections by that time, and a resultant easing off of restrictions for large events. We also want to make use of the warmer time of year to host some of the event’s networking formats outdoors. We have also taken the decision to reschedule DMEA 2021 at an early stage, three months ahead of the original dates, to give everyone involved greater planning certainty.

How likely is it that DMEA will take place in June 2021?

At present we expect DMEA to take place in June as planned. This is based on the assumption of several experts, who forecast that the current measures will most probably lead to infections declining in almost every European country by spring 2021. By then, vaccinations may also have led to an initial improvement of the situation. Despite the positive outlook it remains difficult to make long-term decisions, which is why we will re-evaluate the situation in spring and make a corresponding public announcement.

Have cancellations by attendees or exhibitors influenced this decision?

No. The cancellations which have reached us for DMEA have been negligible.

Will the annual cycle for holding DMEA change?

No. As things stand DMEA 2022 will take place as planned from 26 to 28 April 2022.

Please note:
This information sheet shall not form the basis for any legal claims. If necessary contact Messe Berlin.

Information for Exhibitors

I have just been informed that DMEA is being postponed. What happens next?

Our next step is to inform everyone involved. The contacts you have been dealing with will continue to be available for any enquiries and to supervise the postponement of your participation in the event.

In principle, the hall layout will be as originally planned and remain the same for DMEA in June. As far as possible, the hall allocations, stand areas and supporting programme will remain the same for the revised dates in June.

We are also working hard to ensure that all our website information and content is abreast of current events. We regret any inconvenience caused if not all our internet services can be accessed over the coming days and if here and there things do not function entirely smoothly.

Do existing contracts and previously booked services remain valid?

Yes. If you take part in the event on the revised dates all previously booked services and existing contracts remain valid.

I am an exhibitor and we will attend in June. Will I get the same stand position as agreed?

The hall planning carried out so far and all placements will be carried over to the June date. If you have already received a placement proposal and approved it, it will remain valid. If you have not yet received a proposal from us, we will get in touch with you in the next few weeks.

Will there be any changes to the stand fee or service charges?

No. The fees for your previously booked stand or service charges remain the same.

What happens if we submit our stand registration / apply for a stand but later decide we cannot attend DMEA 21 due to the impact of Covid-19?

As in previous years, you can cancel your participation after registering for the stand as long as you have not received a down payment invoice. The down payment invoices will not be sent before 12 April 2021. Cancellation fees only apply after this, if necessary a processing fee of 400 euros will be charged.

What happens if the organizer cancels DMEA due to the impact of Covid-19? Will my payment be brought forward to next year, refunded, or forfeited?

If we as the organizer cannot hold DMEA for reasons outside our own control, we will not charge our exhibitors for their stand rental. Your stand rental payment would then be returned to you or at your request brought forward to the next edition. Please refer to our General Terms of Business for Trade Fairs and Exhibitions organized by Messe Berlin GmbH.

What happens if DMEA takes place but due to Covid-19 and a consequent change in our company policy we cancel our participation, but we have already received a down payment invoice?

Once you received the down payment invoice and order confirmation (not before 12 April 2021), our cancellation policy comes into force. From that moment on, if you want to cancel your participation, you must notify us as soon as you make the decision not to attend. This gives us the opportunity to look for another company for your space. If we find another (previously non-registered) exhibitor for your space, then as organizers we will only invoice you 25 percent of the total amount due to compensate us for the additional costs. If we do not find another exhibitor for the space, then you will be liable to pay your rental fees in full amount

What happens if DMEA takes place and we cancel our participation after signing the placement offer due to Covid-19 because our entry to Germany and/or return to our country of origin is made impossible or difficult by travel restrictions?

If the cancellation takes place due to official travel restrictions in the country of origin or in Germany and the travel restrictions make the entry impossible or unreasonable for the exhibitor, the exhibitor will not be charged or the stand rental fee will be refunded. Unacceptability shall be assumed if the return to the country of origin would be impossible or would require a quarantine of more than 7 days after return or if the entry to Germany would require a quarantine of more than 7 days. Proof of travel restrictions in the country of origin must be provided to Messe Berlin by means of suitable documentation.

Please note:
This information sheet shall not form the basis for any legal claims. If necessary contact Messe Berlin.

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