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Startups, the Innovation Driver

Startups in the _Hub

Startup meets Corporate

Tomorrow's digital health experts will meet in the Startup Café and DMEA's new Dialog Area to exchange ideas and matchmaking formats with established health professionals

More about the DMEA Startup-Café

Startup Meets Corporate

Whether artificial intelligence, indoor tracking, X-Ray or the future of digital care - national and international startups from very different areas awaited the visitors in the DMEA Startup Café and presented their products and innovations.

At the new DMEA _Hubs, the digital health experts of tomorrow were able to meet with established digital health experts to exchange ideas and modern interactive formats.

You Want to Be an Exhibitor at the Startup Special Area?

More about the DMEA Startup special area

Startups in the DMEA Program

One highlight in 2019 was the interactive format "Startups in the _Hub", in which young founders from seven different nations introduced themselves and their products and solutions. Afterwards, the GTAI discussed the question "What about startups in your own country and what opportunities does Germany offer foreign startups?

The Participants:

Lilian Zsákai, Kinepict (Hungary), ZsoltMolnár, HubScience (Hungary), JogundasArmaitis, Oxipit (Lithuania), MarcinSzary, SECFENSE (Poland), Michael Mayrhofer, KLM Vision (Austria), MiłoszWiciński, infermedica (Poland), ThomaszGondek, SensDX (Poland), Thomas Schletter, LeitwertGmbH (Switzerland), Julian Nast-Kolb, Cliniserve (Germany), PirminKelbel, VISSEIRO (Germany), RadkaKittová, GalaxyMD (Czech Republic) and a representative of Semmelweis University from Budapest.

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