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Digital Transformation in Nursing – What Is the Added Value?

Congress Session

April 9, 2019

09:30 - 11:00

_Stage C, Hall 4.2

Computers are a normal feature of many wards in German hospitals, and there are frequently also monitors and bedside terminals in patients’ rooms. As well serving documentation purposes, nursing information systems are used as management and communication tools and as a source of information. Close coordination between all the professional groups involved in the care process is necessary in order to ensure that nurses and interdisciplinary professionals can conduct effective and efficient work. In the age of digitalisation, can these demands still be fulfilled using pen and paper?
That is why the session entitled ’Digital transformation in nursing – What is the added value?’ will examine this subject and highlight ’positive and negative experiences’. If possible, the submissions should seek to answer one of the following questions and contribute to accounts of past experiences:

  • What nursing processes at your institution have already undergone a digital transformation?
  • How does digitalisation support patient discharge processes in an intersectoral nursing environment?
  • Can you offer a practical example of a successful (or failed) digitalisation project (positive and negative experiences) in the nursing environment?
  • What benefits has the digital transformation of nursing processes achieved in your institution?



Claudia Dirks, Meierhofer AG


Prof. Björn Sellemann, German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS)



Madlen Fiebig, Unit Manager Data Analytics, ePA-CC GmbH


Markus Pätzold, Team Leader, Essen University Hospital