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The Telematics Infrastructure: Current Situation and Future Prospects


April 10, 2019

09:30 - 11:00

Stage B

Beginning by taking stock on the rollout of the telematics infrastructure (TI), the purpose of this session is to present and discuss ongoing development work for additional applications, as well as mobile access to TI services by insured persons.
The experience gained from connection to the TI and from the use of Assured Core Data Management in out- and in-patient facilities will be examined at both a technical and an organisational level, from the viewpoint of those responsible for providing the IT. Service providers need to know what medical applications are already available and how these can be integrated in the service providers´ existing processes. Among other aspects, independent access to TI as a prerequisite for using health files is vital for patients in the age of digitalisation. From the health policy perspective it is also important to consider the expected specifications arising from the Appointments Service and Care Law (in German: TSVG) and from an eHealth Law II, and how they apply to the way in which the content of the TI is structured.
The session will address these aspects in practice-related papers and undertake a critical examination of the background to these developments at the time of the DMEA 2019.