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Artificial Intelligence for Physicians and Patients: Opportunities and Challenges for Practical Applications

Congress Session

April 11, 2019

11:30 - 13:00

_Stage C, Hall 4.2

Until now, knowledge-based systems supporting physicians have been mainly part of medical products such as ECGs, or databases containing specific information. Increasingly, such knowledge-based systems combine implementing guidelines with artificial intelligence and medical information from various sources and provide real-time support even for complex medical tasks.

As a result of this development what are the opportunities and challenges for practical applications? How reliable is the advice that these systems offer? And what is this advice based on? How can we monitor the quality and safety of these systems? Do we need new rules for approval? And what do we need to observe in practice?

The session will present a number of examples of knowledge-based systems supporting physicians and their practical applications. At first the session will illustrate how existing knowledge is electronically accessed and kept up to date, and subsequently how the system functions in practice and the how it is reshaping medical care.

At the end of the session a panel discussion will debate which areas are already suitable for implementing knowledge-based systems and what needs to be observed when these systems are put to practical use.



Hans Peter Bursig, Managing Director, German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers´ Association (ZVEI)


Prof. Klaus Juffernbruch, Professor of Health and Social Management, FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management gGmbH



Prof. Yvonne Weber, Deputy Medical Director, University Hospital Tübingen