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mHealth - The mobile Rrevolution in Productive Operation


April 9, 2019

09:30 - 11:00

Stage A

Smartphones and tablets will lead to radical changes in the processing of information in the healthcare sector. In combination with a well-developed network infrastructure and the wealth of information that the internet can offer, all the data that we in the healthcare sector require will be available at any time or place, in an accurate, up to date and complete form on mobile terminals. This was our vision when enthusiasm for the mobile revolution was at its peak. Eleven years after the launch of the first iPhone we want to use the mHealth session to ask what remains of this vision, and what mobile concepts have actually been successfully introduced in the productive operations of the healthcare sector. We examine the challenges confronting us when mobile technology is integrated in the care process and in healthcare information systems. And we also discuss what are the expected implications of the next technological revolution, that of digitalisation.