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The Patient in Digital Care


April 11, 2019

11:30 - 13:00

Stage B

Digital solutions for the patient are increasingly becoming a reality in the care sector. Even though for the majority of citizens and patients it is hard to find the right health app, in inpatient and outpatient care the first steps towards implementing coordinated digital care solutions are now taking place. This observation should not hide the fact that the first products to appear are still niche market solutions. At the same time, the BMG is working hard to put together an initial regulatory framework for their practical use. The focus here is on vital elements such as market access, evaluation, reimbursement and the eternal problem of IT-based coordination with patient data (ePA, eGA, telematics infrastructure). Together with various experts, and taking different viewpoints into account, this session focuses on two areas in the care sector:

1. The current status of digital care solutions in Germany and the opportunities
and challenges in the day-to-day work environment
2. Identification of the most pressing and unresolved issues as well as possible solutions