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New Business Models – with and without IT


April 11, 2019

11:30 - 13:00

Stage A

Developments in IT and the resultant digital transformation (including in medicine) are generating new business models. These models are not primarily driven by IT, but instead by the need and opportunity to improve care and management processes and make them more efficient. Traditional barriers between individual processes and fields could thus be overcome or even eliminated.

The impact of these developments on the health sector in particular is huge. This is where support through IT can lead to sector boundaries being overcome and to improvements in care. Approaches such as managed care and prevention could also become more important.

Besides the business models themselves, it is their organisation and the players involved that are also of particular importance. What developments are there and who is driving them? Are traditional providers of healthcare (hospitals, resident practitioners etc.) ultimately only service providers or will they continue to play a major role? What role will industry and health insurances play in the future?

This session highlights both best practices and future prospects. Speakers can present solutions that deal directly with the health industry as well as developments adapted from other sectors.