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On the Basis of International Standards


April 10, 2019

13:15 - 14:15

_Hub 2, Hall 2.2

In recent months several stakeholders in the healthcare system have drawn up and published various specifications based on international standards, e.g. from the HL7 range, whereby, at a number of events, the phrase “on the basis of international standards” has caused confusion and has often been incorrectly interpreted. This is because using the components of international standards, such as FHIR, does not mean that a specification itself becomes a standard. Instead, as was the case in the past, this leads to the creation of more proprietary solutions. Interoperability can be safeguarded by using agreed international standards, thereby ensuring lasting added value. But what really is the main difference between a specification “on the basis of international standards” and official international standards for the healthcare sector, for example as worked out, agreed and published by HL7? In a fascinating discussion representatives of industry, self-regulation and standardization committees will explain the thematic aspects of standardization. 

This session is organised and held by the AG Interoperability and Standardisation, The German Association of Health IT Vendors – bvitg e. V.



Alexander Ihls, Vendor Co-Chair, IHE Germany, InterSystems


Bernd Greve, Leiter Dezernent Telematik/IT in der Versorgung, Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung


Andreas Grode, Head of Innovation Department, gematik – Society for Telematic Applications of the Health Insurance Card


Franz Leisch, Managing Director, ELGA GmbH


Dr. Frank Oemig, Senior eHealth Architect, Telekom Healthcare and Solutions, Board Member & CTO, HL7 Germany