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Health & Care 4.0. Intelligent and smart assistance systems in the future market of health


April 9, 2019

15:45 - 16:45

_Hub 1, Hall 2.2

Digitization is a trend driven by intelligent systems and machine learning. With the AI Strategy of the Federal Government, Germany is expressing its claim to thematic leadership, taking into account European ethics guidelines, especially in the health sector. The Innovation Space is dedicated to questions arising from this claim. The state of the art of selected Health & Care solutions will be clarified, future scenarios and their realization perspectives will be discussed, opportunities and risks in the use of intelligent assistance systems will be pointed out.
The use of a digital twin e.g. offers advantages when used for AI-based health and medical devices and generates new challenges. eHealth systems learn their knowledge and expertise through large amounts of training data, not through detailed programming. Learning AI systems, especially deep learning, do not forget once learned knowledge. What does this mean in practice? What threats does the sensitivity of the systems to unbalanced and incomplete training data pose, which can lead to the purpose and competence of the systems being exceeded?
The shortage of physicians in the periphery demands new technological solutions in order to provide care services more efficiently and with higher quality. Are intelligent solutions using edge computing and reactive AI backends sustainable solutions for the success of managed care? Which smart solutions counteract the care crisis? How do intelligent transition solutions from the clinic to care look like? And do you know Paul? Get to know intelligent assistance functions in the Smart Home.
Employees must be trained in new, digital processes. Learn more about e-learning technologies that leverage a new format of medical data management, AI elements, and virtual realities.
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This session is organised and held by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE)



Christina Rode-Schubert, Partner, TCI GmbH


Prof. Dr Kurt Becker, Head of Studies, APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft


Dr Pierre Gembaczka, Research Assistant, Main Developer of AIfES, Fraunhofer IMS


Dr Moritz Lehne, Health Data Scientist, Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)


Dr. Rainer Lutze, CEO, Lutze Consulting


Bruno Ristok, Managing Partner, C&S Computer und Software GmbH


Siddharth Saha, Vice President of Research, Transformational Health, Frost & Sullivan


Dr. Thomas Zenk, CEO Vitaphone, vitagroup AG