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Process Mining – Tools to Enable Excellence in Clinics


April 10, 2019

11:55 - 12:05

_Hub 2, Hall 2.2

The increasingly comprehensive digitalization of data from everyday clinical practice is now allowing innovative data analysis methods such as process mining to be tools for optimizing processes within clinics.

Based on the digitization of process data, many processes of everyday patient care are now being systemically mapped and made available as structured data. This data allows for harmonization and holistic analysis of clinical processes and patients care. Until now, these processes have been largely inaccessible to the health care systems, where a fundamentally lower awareness of the processual contextualization of patient progressions is the rule.

A historically grown tendency to act in a specific way and the high data protection requirements for patient data have, until now, stood in the way of a process-oriented consolidation of the diverse data sources and their analysis. These traditional barriers can now be overcome, for example through pseudonymization, enabling process mining and the raising the potential of process optimization. In the examples we present, we will show clear increases in efficiency within the clinic and in the billing processes. Both of these can have direct positive results on the overall quality of patient care, by for example reducing unnecessary wait times.



Franco Bettels, Account Manager, Schütze Consulting