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Patient Experience 2020 - The Digital Hospital as an Opportunity


April 11, 2019

12:05 - 12:15

_Hub 2, Hall 2.2

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are widely spread in the working and private life. With mobile applications, a wide group of people buy train tickets, check into a hotel, manage their flight, communicate, inform themselves and much more. At the same time, many hospitals do not or only selectively use these new platforms as tools to continuously improve the quality and patient experience.

In addition to patient entertainment, these new technologies can be used to improve the patient’s outcomes. Before, during and after the hospital stay, communication at various levels with doctors, nursing staff and the hotel industry is possible. In addition, caretakers are supported by these devices in their work.

Information technology can thus help with various technical means, so the hospitals can focus on value-adding activities in care. In this lecture we want to show what the patient experience of the future might look like. We highlight classic approaches such as patient entertainment terminals, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of approaches such as "bring your own device". We also provide insight into the resulting added value for the hospital, nurses and patients.



Alexander Fischer, Telecom Sante