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Digital Tools for Hospitals


April 23, 2020

14:15 - 15:15

_Hub 3, Hall 3.2

Hospital information systems were the first step in digitizing the hospital landscape. With digitalisation entering all aspects of society, the expectations towards providers are shifting as well. The rise of consumer devices has led to a greater demand for hospital IT to integrate more digital tools for both doctors and patients to move beyond hospital information systems. Solutions that foster connection and interaction between all stakeholders along the patient journey are sought after to establish new value chains. Smart tools for patients can facilitate patient-provider interaction, empower patients during their treatment and improve outcomes, while providing hospitals with more efficient communication tools. Aside from patients, many digital tools can support doctors in their daily routine. Smart tools that can facilitate existing workflows from secure digital documentation and communication via mobile devices to virtual training tools, saving doctors time and improving the quality of care. In this session, startups will present their approaches and demonstrate how the introduction of digital technologies can support different stakeholders in the hospital. We will explore various use cases supporting doctors, caregivers and patients to optimize the delivery of care.

Target audience: Beginners and experts, hospital IT, doctors, innovation managers

This session is organized and held by Flying Health Incubator GmbH