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Formats & Areas

Formats & Areas

A Personal, Individual Network is Becoming More and More Important!

At DMEA you can experience an extensive range of different and partly new formats. Matchmakings help you to make new contacts, you can cultivate old contacts at the official trade fair party or take part in talks and panels on important issues of the industry and initiate discussions yourself, which give all participants new ideas.

The programme is organised by the German Association of Health IT Vendors in cooperation with its cooperation partners (GMDS, BVMI, KH-IT and CIO-UK) and its committees.

The Academy program includes five interactive workshops in which users, developers and researchers edit specific topics in detail for half a day.

Seminar Language: German

Coachings are events in which the personal development of the participants is in the foreground. Experts provide helpful tips and recommendations to be prepared for problematic situations or difficult requirements.

Starting from DMEA, excursions to hospitals, companies and other health-industry-related facilities are offered, in which e.g. digital solutions are shown in practical use.

The get-together is an informal format that is especially intended for networking. In a relaxed atmosphere you meet for a mutual exchange and personal meeting.

The Hot Seat is a question-and-answer format in which a person sits in the "hot seat" and faces the - also critical - questions of the audience.

The keynote is a lecture with a core message that sets the main theme or frame of an event and inspires the audience. The speakers are usually well-known personalities from politics, economics or science.

Year after year well-known Health IT experts shape a Congress programme, appreciated highly by its visitors achieving reviews with top marks. One reason for the success of the participants is the practical orientation of the presentations, preparing strategic-theoretical subjects for practical use. All the Congress sessions are translated simultaneously into English.

Every day in three parallel sessions key issues of Health IT were illuminated from all sides and lined with examples from daily IT life. Priority issues included "Innovative Healthcare IT", "IT-Security" and "mHealth".

In matchmaking, two parties should meet for a specific purpose in order to examine in conversation whether a win-win situation can be established together. This can be a need for staff covered by another visitor or an investment by an investor, which can be used to implement an exciting project.

The meetings are mostly closed sessions of associations and institutions. They hold their annual meetings at the DMEA, as once a year, all key industry representatives gather in Berlin.

TheDMEA guided tours enable interested trade visitors to inform themselves about selected topics about exhibitors and their products, projects, services, etc. as part of a group tour.

You can register directly at the DMEA to take part in the guided tours.

A panel brings together experts or stakeholder representatives to discuss in front of a larger audience to present and compare their views, and to add value together. The discussion will be led by a moderator.

Make new contacts in the industry in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Celebrate the successes of the DMEA together with exhibitors, trade visitors and young professionals and experience the Berlin nightlife in a trendy location.

In pitching sessions, lecturers have the opportunity to convince the audience of an idea, a solution or a project in short and concise presentations.

At an award ceremony, people will be honored with prizes to honor special achievements. The participants will be selected by a jury. The prize can be publicly advertised so that potential candidates can apply for it.

A slam is a short lecture contest in which the speakers entertainingly convey information. The lectures are usually limited to a few minutes. The aim is to draw the public to his side through a fancy and funny presentation. For the best contribution, a prize can be awarded.

Talks, similar to panels, bring together experts and stakeholder representatives. With the participation of the visitors current topics are discussed with the participants and thus the separation of podium and audience area is increasingly broken up.

A "Werkstatt" can be a meeting or a learning unit in the figurative sense. This term emphasizes solving problems or direct practice on the topic. The "Werkstatt" has set itself the goal to provide competent advice in connection with experience in the sense of self-active 'learning by doing' in a compressed format. This starts with the spatial structure, the loosened atmosphere of a workshop and various forms of communication for mutual exchange, depending on the theme.

Workshops are practice-oriented events in which small groups with a limited, compact duration work intensively on narrow-focused topics. The purpose of a workshop is the acquisition of new knowledge through theoretical and practical exercises. The hallmark here is the cooperative and moderated way of working towards a common goal.

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