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Matthias Meierhofer

In 1987, While still studying Informatics and Theoretical Medicine at Technische Universität München, Matthias Meierhofer set up Meierhofer EDV-Beratung, a consultancy which in the late nineties became Meierhofer AG. Early in his career Matthias Meierhofer was a pioneer and architect of the MCC information system and concentrated on its development. With the company focused on hospital information systems Matthias Meierhofer was involved principally with corporate development.

In addition to his role as board chairman Matthias Meierhofer was head of Product and Personnel Development and managed the expansion of strategic partnerships at Meierhofer AG.

In February 2008 Matthias Meierhofer became a member of the board and in September 2014 was appointed chairman.

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Matthias Meierhofer
German Association of Healthcare IT Vendors (bvitg)