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Dr. Adrian Schuster

Medical computer science and the healthcare industry are the main professional focus areas of the physician and computer scientist Dr. Adrian Schuster.

After university medicine, positions in the research-based pharmaceutical industry and the software industry followed. The study of computer science with emphasis on medical computer science laid the foundation for entry into healthcare IT. This was followed by more than 5 years as a consultant in national and international projects of the healthcare, pharmaceutical and automotive industry, in the commercial sector and in information technology.

Next to the general group-wide IT responsibility, the current focus lies on the strategic challenges in connecting medicine with information technology as a key factor for further increase efficiency and quality in the core areas of the Paracelsus-Clinics Germany.

As a member of the technical work group of IT BDPK he is special contact for the IT needs and strategies of the private hospital.

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Dr. Adrian Schuster
BVMI - Berufsverband Medizinischer Informatiker e.V.