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Sebastian Claudius Semler

After studying Medicine at Freie Universität Berlin he spent many years as visiting lecturer at the Institute for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Freie Universität Berlin and Charité Berlin.

Later on, he was a consultant and head product manager for Healthcare with the software supplier Optimal Systems GmbH, specialising in the electronic patient file, medical records, digital archiving and laboratory data management.

Since 2004 he has been the managing science director of the Telematics Platform for Medical Research Networks (TMF).

In this role his responsibilities include technically supervising the working groups and TMF projects, focusing on data protection and pseudonym assignment, biobanks and IT solutions for hospital studies and registers, electronic archiving, data standardisation and terminology. Representing the TMF, he is involved in the BMBF-sponsored MediGRID project.

In 2005/06 he coordinated a report on biobanks for the German Bundestag (Committee on Research and Assessment of Technological Development, 2005/06), and since 2006 has published a series of ‘TMF works on health telematics in medical research’.

Since 2005 he has been a TMF delegate on the advisory council of Gematik mbH supervising the introduction of the eHealth card, with HL7 Deutschland, CDISC and since 2007 with the Health Grid Association (EU).

As of 2005 he has been a visiting lecturer in Medical Informatics at Technische Fachhochschule Berlin. He is actively involved in associations and standardisation committees on health telematics. From 2001 to 2005 he was head of the Working Group on Communication / Interoperability of VhitG and a founder and chairman of LOINC User Group Deutschland.

In 2002 he was a founding member of PROREC-DE (member of the EuroRec EU network), and since 2007 has been its deputy chairman. As of 2006 he has been deputy head of the Technical Committee on Terminology of HL7 Deutschland.

As of 2004 he has been a member of the steering committee of TELEMED. He was coorganiser (with BVMI) and chairman of the TELEMED 2007 programme committee at Healthweek Berlin 2007.

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Sebastian Claudius Semler
Scientific Director
Technology, Methods and Infrastructure for Networked Medical Research (TMF)



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