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Ralph Szymanowsky

Ralph Szymanowsky (Dipl. Business Administrator (FH)) is responsible for the business development BI sector of Agfa HealthCare GmbH. He interprets business development as being everything capable of promoting the TIP HCe product - from coordination of the assignment of duties and harmonisation of work procedures at the various development sites, right through to definition of the new HCe Smart product line.

Mr. Szymanowsky has many years of experience (starting in 1999) in the field of hospital software, including more than 10 years as project manager responsible for introducing ORBIS in more than 30 hospitals. As an expert with in-depth knowledge of the ORBIS data base model, he has trained many customers and supported them in extracting and analysing their data. While working for PlanOrg Informatik GmbH, he played a significant role in the development of a SAP-BW-based DWH system.

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Ralph Szymanowsky
Business Development Manager
Agfa HealthCare GmbH



Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 12.30 - 12.50
_Stage B, Hall 2.2