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Prof. Christian Wache

Since March 2014 Prof. Dr. Christian Wache is the professor of computer science health at the HTWG in Konstanz with a main focus on Medical computer science. During his studies of Medical computer science Prof. Dr. Christian Wache began to develop medical information systems in a start-up company and implemented these in clinics. After graduating as a Master of Science, he worked as a research assistant in the German Hodgkin Study Group at the University Hospital of Cologne where he received his PhD in Doctor of Medical Science. Before joining Meierhofer AG in 2010, Christian Wache worked as a consultant at iSOFT Health GmbH. At Meierhofer AG, he was a member of management and as head of product management responsible for the entire international product range.

He is on various committees, among other duties is deputy head of the GMDS working group ’Information Systems in Healthcare (HIS)’ and was on the conhIT advisory committee. He is also the proprietor of "Wache eHealth-Consulting" and advises software companies on healthcare and hospitals. Every two weeks Mr. Wache produces a podcast on the latest eHealth issues with Prof. Dambe.

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Prof. Christian Wache
Professor for Medical Computer Science
University of Konstanz



Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 11.30 - 13.00
_Stage B, Hall 2.2