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Stephanie Kaiser

Stephanie Kaiser leads product development, engineering and venture execution. In addition to her role at Heartbeat Labs, she is a member of the German digital council to advise the federal government on digitization.

When she studied humanities at Humboldt University Berlin, nothing pointed towards a bright future as chief product officer. Then came Vietnam: Stephanie took a position as project manager for the digitization of a tremendous German library catalogue in Ho Chi Minh City. She conducted the deployment of a specific software by training 100 Vietnamese co-workers to use it – both of which (project management and leading a team) she had never done before.

Since then, Stephanie has excelled in building products from scratch and nurturing teams and corporate cultures.

Back in Germany, she worked on the development of a social network for Europe’s biggest ring-tone provider Jamba. She then joined MTV/Nickelodeon where she developed a learning platform for children and gained experience in navigating and shaping “big corporate culture.”

In 2009, Stephanie was hired by Wooga, a start-up for Facebook and mobile games, as their first full-time employee. There she grew from developing her own game to leading six international teams with around 70 people building games as head of studio. German chancellor Angela Merkel was among the many visiting guests at Wooga, that Stephanie met at the offices of the emerging start-up.

In 2015, she co-founded two companies, a mobile health app for diabetics and a brain training app, where she also acted as chief product officer.

The following year, Stephanie moved on to become VP of product at Clue, a menstrual cycle tracking app which became the world’s fastest growing female health start-up, with more than 6 million active monthly users.

In the same year, she was voted one of the 50 most inspiring women in Tech in Europe (by Inspiring Fifty).

In 2018 Stephanie joined the digital council to the federal government.

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Stephanie Kaiser
Founder & Managing Director
Heartbeat Labs GmbH



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