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Marcus Steffen Bauer

For more than 20 years, Marcus Bauer has been advising healthcare providers and payers in the healthcare sector and, together with his team, is developing innovative care models with digital support. His work currently focuses in particular on nursing care for the elderly, with a view to the organisation of cross-sectoral care (outpatient/stationary/nursing care) in the sense of comprehensive care and case management.

Marcus Bauer has been involved in trend-setting projects in nursing, including the introduction of nursing advice, the process improvement of the socio-medical assessment of people in need of nursing care, the reorientation of nursing care documentation, the further development of quality testing of nursing care facilities, the establishment of the Foundation Centre for Quality in Nursing Care and various concepts for digital support in everyday nursing care for people in need of nursing care, (caring) relatives and caregivers.

In addition to prototyping Ambient Assistant Living solutions and Smart Applications for care, he is currently focusing on the future integration of care into the telematics infrastructure.

Marcus Bauer is co-author of the studies "Efficiency potentials through eHealth" and "Further development of the eHealth strategy for the BMG".

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Marcus Steffen Bauer
Partner, Healthcare Practice Lead