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New Display Area "Focus: Health Records"


Digital File Solutions in the Healthcare Sector

The new exhibition area "Focus: Health Records" is suitable for exhibitors focusing on digital file solutions in healthcare to showcase their products and solutions in one place. It offers an opportunity for intensive professional exchange with health insurance companies, institutions, medical networks, industry and startups. The special display area “Focus: Health Records” in Hall 1.2 will be located right next to the Startup Area and DMEA Café.

What Digital File Solutions are There in Health IT?

  • Electronic health records (EHR) electronic health record
  • Electronic Patient Records (EPR)
  • Electronic case files (ECF)

    as well as electronic research files, indication-specific file systems and much more.

Be Part of _Focus: Health Records – This is Health Records Know-How in one Place.

How to become an exhibitor:

  • Exhibitors can order an Expert Point (all-inclusive package) in the “_Focus: Health Records” display area in Hall 1.2 without the effort of coordinating the stand construction work, inclusive ancillary technical services etc. This package costs 2,650.00 EUR/unit plus AUMA fee (for more details please refer to the Application Form).

Save Your Short Presentation!

  • Exhibitors at _Focus: Health Records who register by 31 January 2020 have the opportunity to apply for a short presentation. Simply submit an abstract (max. 500 characters) with the stand application and describe your solution with two meaningful #hashtags.
  • Startups wishing to exhibit in the “Focus: Health Records” display area in Hall 1.2 can order an Expert Point for 950.00 EUR/unit plus AUMA fee. For more information see Application form Health Records.

Space is limited. All registered exhibitors will be placed “first come first serve” after entry of the stand application.

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More Information

Karolin Werfel
T +49 30 3038-2231

Application _Focus: Health Records (PDF, 427.8 kB)

DMEA application form (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Here you will find, among other things, the participation and business conditions.

Important Information
Startups register with the usual startup forms (stand registration page 3, 5, 6, 14 and 18) and the note "Focus: Health Records".

Health Records Area