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Virtual Reception - Digital Link in the Project TelePark - Telemedical Care of Parkinson's Patients


April 10, 2019

12:15 - 12:25

_Hub 2, Hall 2.2

Today you pull on the couch - actually anywhere, at any time - the smartphone and expects immediate, correct information. We look up to 88 times a day on our beloved helper and panic when he is lost.
So it is obvious, the smartphone to establish the tablet as an integral part of the telemedicine care of Parkinson´s patients.
Previous approaches to telemedicine for Parkinson´s patients are limited either to the use of video medicine or to the continuous recording of disease-related symptoms. With TelePark, these various aspects are to be examined for their integrated applicability in everyday practice for the first time and prepared for permanent use.



Thomas Menzel, Intecsoft Group