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Nenad Stojanovic

Nenad received his doctorate in computer science at the KIT in Karlsruhe, where he was appointed to several positions at the Institute AIFB (2000 - 2005) and at the FZI (2005 - 2014). He is currently CEO of Nissatech, a Big Data Analytics company active in industry (particularly production and oil & gas), but also in eHealth and fitness.

He is very active in BDVA (Big Data Value Assotiation), especially in Data Analytics and Big Data HPC integrations.

His main research interests include scalable, fog computing-based infrastructures that enable an efficient and dynamic combination of edge and cloud-based analysis. The focus is on hybrid analytics, which combine data-driven and model-based approaches to identify and resolve unknown unknowns. These are situations that have not occurred in the past, but should be proactively addressed in the future if possible.

In the area of eHealth / Fitness, the focus is on distributed, wearables-based remote monitoring systems and the application of AI methods (data-enabled AI) for the analysis of personal data. Nenad developed the metaphor of a Digital Fitness Twin, a digital replica of a trainee using personal fitness data analytics to analyze the trainee´s performance during training and dynamically adapt the training plan to the daily form.

As a personal fitness and technology fanatic, he experiments and teaches how cutting-edge technologies (especially wearables) can activate untapped mental energy/power to achieve peak fitness performances.

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Nenad Stojanovic
Nissatech Innovation Centre



Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 14.30 - 15.30
_Hub 2, Hall 2.2